Process Healing
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Learning and Personality Theory

Learning and Personality Theory
from a new prospective.

Early in the 90's, I learned to do a healing process that involves tapping on acupressure points. While using it with one of my patients, she felt a tickle under her nose. Upon inquiry, I found that her subconscious had caused a tickle on one of her acupressure points. This led me to find out that the subconscious could heal from the inside. This theory is based upon a paper I presented a paper to the International Society for the Study of Chaos in Biology Sciences and Psychology in 1974. In this paper, I explained a emerging treatment, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, in terms of Walter Freeman's notions on self-organized chaos. (Click to download this EMDR paper). This theory appear to be very consistent with B. F. Skinner's understanding of behavior and how it works, and even with the ideas offered in his book on language, Verbal Behavior.

I worked with many multiple personality disordered patients and gradually learned to use this theory to establish rapport with all personalities in a patient This made treatment very safe and respectful. The figure shows a paradigm that has good validity with all of my patients. The Active experience is learned neural structure that operates on all internal and external sensory input, the current behavior, and learned processes like, composing and editing of language, and all memories that are elicited into the active expedience by the content and emotions in the active experience. This recurrent process is what generates our ongoing overt and covert behavior. A couple of interesting things about this theory is that 1. it eliminates extinction as a brain process and conceptualizes all change as learning and, 2. classical conditioning becomes a special case of this theory since the UCS interferes with the normal cognitive process. It is probably the cognitive process that is involved in operant learning that facilitates higher order learning or the power of discriminative stimuli.

It turns out that this learning theory describes the processes that appear to operate on every memory driven process in the brain and body, namely, all behavior, muscle activity, organ activity, brain functions, etc. It explains other phenomena such as the etiology of the personality and subconscious, and other stuff such as hypnosis, amnisic and dissociative parts, repression, sensory intrusions, learned symptoms, the healing process, safe healing processes, therapy, etc.

So if you want to find out more about the personality from a learning theory point of view, learn about the extremes of human behavior, and stimulate your ideas about explaining human behavior with learning theory, click to go to a more detailed history, theory, or description of this process. If you want to experience by your subconscious, then take the free Process Healing course.

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